A Little Insight - Who is Lillie Cawthorn

Lillie Cawthorn has been investing in industrial real estate (small factories and warehouses) in Sydney for the past 15 years and also has real estate investment interests in France and the United States. She initially invested in residential real estate across four countries, where she built and renovated homes for lease.

Lillie is a major shareholder in Bawdens Industrial, an industrial real estate agency based in Parramatta. Bawdens is one of the largest providers of industrial property sales and management agencies for Sydney’s small-to-medium industrial business and private sector market. The company manages over $500 million in assets for more than 700 investors.

Lillie Cawthorn
Lillie Cawthorn

Lillie is the best selling author of The Money Factory – How Any Woman Can Make An Extra $30,000 To $100,000 Passive Income.

She has been featured in many influential media outlets in Australia and the United States. Media highlights have included Sky Business, The Daily Telegraph, realestate.com.au, commercialrealestate.com.au and Business Blue Print’s Empire Builders. CBS News, Fox, ABC and NBC in the United States have also interviewed Lillie about many industrial property topics.

For almost two decades, Lillie has secured industrial property investment interests in small unit factories, larger conventional factories and warehouses, and industrial property trusts.

When Lillie discovered that very few women invest in industrial real estate, she sought to determine the reasons why. In her book The Money Factory, she shares her knowledge and experience in a straightforward step-by-step guide to encourage investors, particularly women, to explore an investment sector traditionally seen as a male domain.

Lillie is a dynamic speaker who has spoken at the highly regarded National Achievers Congress 2015 events in Sydney and Melbourne, sharing the same stage as Richard Branson, Janine Allis and Michelle Bridges.

She is a licensed speaker for Black Card Books, a global publishing firm that has published books for over 300 authors who have featured in publications from the Wall Street Journal to Time Magazine. Lillie shares her story on how to become a key person of influence by writing a book.

CPA Australia invited Lillie to be one of the expert presenters at their July 2016 Big Questions in Finance Series conferences in Sydney and Melbourne, on the subject Property versus shares: Where will your money work hardest?

Lillie is passionate about inspiring women to take control of their financial future. She regularly hosts seminars and workshops for select groups of women (and men) who would like to learn about investing in industrial real estate.

Lillie Cawthorn