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Work out your superannuation target lillie Cawthorn .

Work Out Your Superannuation Target

Do you know how much money you’ll need to retire?How to calculate your superannuation targetYou’ve probably seen the media reports debating the magic figure of $1 million as the superannuation balance needed to fund a comfortable retirement. Debate continues whether this is an outrageous myth designed to put fear into Australians or a conservative benchmark. […]

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Knowing What To Look For lillie cawthorn

Knowing What To Look For

You may not know anything at all about industrial real estate property, but I promise you, it will not take long before you are inspecting a factory or a warehouse with the same practised eye you use to choose a new home. Before you start searching for a property, or even think of inspecting one, […]

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Money Makes Money lillie cawthorn

Money Makes Money

All wealthy people understand that money makes money, but the hardest part is getting the first deposit together for an investment.At first it seems an overwhelming task, I know, I’ve been there. But life has a way of marching relentlessly on, and one day we wake up and realise, ‘Seventeen years have slipped by – […]

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Asset And Property Management lillie cawthorn

Asset And Property Management

ASSET MANAGEMENTNot all industrial real estate agencies run an asset management division. This is important to understand when you purchase your investment property. A managing agent may manage buildings, but an asset manager runs everything to do with your investment, including both the financial aspect and the physical property management. When a company manages many […]

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A Costly Error lillie cawthorn

A Costly Error

Selecting the right solicitor when you purchase or lease your industrial property investment is crucial. A solicitor who is experienced in industrial real estate conveyancing will help ensure the successful outcome for your investment and ultimately help you avoid making costly errors.A pharmaceutical company wished to lease a building in a popular part of Western […]

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What Is Industrial Real Estate lillie cawthorn

What Is Industrial Real Estate?

EXPELLING THE MYTHWhen I first heard the term ‘industrial real estate’, I immediately envisaged a large, red brick building full of macho men in hard hats, belching air-polluting smoke (the building, not the men!) into the atmosphere. In my imagination all of the agents were men, as were all the people tenanting the buildings. Indeed, […]

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Safe, Secure and Good Returns lillie cawthorn

Safe, Secure and Good Returns

Do any of these apply to you?Have money in the bank earning a pittance?Residential property owner experiencing tenant headaches and high costs?Been ‘burnt’ by bad financial advice?Then read on: An article in today’s Australian Financial Review affirms: “Industrial/Commercial Property Outshines All Other Investing Strategies” “Investing in commercial property has delivered better average returns over the […]

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Tenant Leases lillie cawthorn

Tenant Leases

Your tenant’s lease could run for a long time. It is advisable to have a solicitor who has experience in industrial real estate lease contracts. A solicitor who is only familiar with residential contracts may make unnecessary changes to a standard industrial lease contract. Of course there may be extenuating circumstances in some cases that […]

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