Industrial Property News: Are you (mis)managing an aged parent’s money?

Each time I speak at an event some one invariably confides they have an aged parent's savings "sitting in the bank because we don't know where to invest it." Money in the bank is losing value as the inflation rate is higher than the interest rate paid by the bank!

Since my book The Money Factory- how any woman can make an extra $30,000 to $100,000 was published in 2015, purchase prices have more than doubled - from $1600 - $1800 (per square meter) to $2800-$3000 per sqm.

A normal 20 year cycle sees industrial property prices rise, then rental prices rise as a result. Prices stop rising when they reach a level where small business owners see more value in liquidating their assets ( i.e not keeping large sums invested in their own premises) and they return to renting.

IPN September

Because of a lack of available stock under 1000sqm this has not been the case and both property and rental prices are increasing simultaneously. A lack of available serviced industrial zoned land for development means there is no relief in sight for the current stock shortage. 

Now is the time to invest in a small factory!

Rents have increased from $105-$110 per sqm to $125 to $135 per sqm. Investors can enjoy continued growth and above trend returns.

Book your free consultation to hear how you can learn to safely invest in industrial property and receive monthly net income on that money sitting in the bank!

About the Author

Lillie Cawthorn has been investing in industrial real estate (small factories and warehouses) in Sydney for the past 15 years and also has real estate investment interests in France and the United States. She initially invested in residential real estate across four countries, where she built and renovated homes for lease. Lillie is the best selling author of The Money Factory – How Any Woman Can Make An Extra $30,000 To $100,000 Passive Income.

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