Lillie Cawthorn, the best selling author of The Money Factory, has been featured in leading real estate publications, including Commercial Real Estate and Your Investment Property, an online property investment publication. Her most significant media accomplishment to date came early with the launch of her book and having it picked up by over 300 American Networks of CBS News, FOX, ABC, NBC and ABC (Refer to Authority Media Report below).

A profile of Lillie in the Western Sydney Business Access highlights her investment acumen and the path she took that led to investing in industrial real estate, and then becoming a best-selling author and speaker. It also reveals the agency she jointly owns with her husband, and her portfolio of properties in Australia, France, and the United States.

Lillie Cawthorn Media Coverage
Helping Women in Jindabyne supplement their income

A December 9, 2015 Monaro Post feature on Lillie reveals that she is a dual citizen of New Zealand and France who now lives in Sydney. Her love of mountains is highlighted, especially the slopes of Jindabyne in south-east New South Wales. Lillie details that the impetus for writing an investment book for women was a friend who was too timid to invest a divorce settlement in a small factory, even though she “would have earned an annual return of 7–9%”. Lillie also reveals that more men buy her book than women, which she contends is for everyone. It is her hope that women will seize industrial real estate investment opportunities and take control of their finances.

“Women get in on industrial action,” an article in The Daily Telegraph, interestingly opens with, “Forget diamonds. Factories are now a girl’s best friend”. Lillie admits that when she first heard about industrial real estate, it “seemed a very intimidating place for a woman,” but thanks to changes since then, she now manages 30 female-owned industrial properties. While Lillie is identified as the “expert”, the piece goes on to interview two women seeking industrial properties to invest in and offers a real-life example of how an industrial property offers a return that is more than double that of a residential property!

Women get in on Industrial Action
Sky TV Interview with Lillie Cawthorn

In an interview on Australia’s Sky TV, Lillie clarifies the differences between commercial and industrial real estate properties. The latter, she tells the hosts, are invested in “only by people in the know, so that’s men.” Though men dominate this realm, she says with a smile, she’s often approached, when speaking about her book, by women who ask, “Can I do it, too?” When she tells them that she leased factories and warehouses, Lillie says, their eyes would glaze over. Eventually she realised that women didn’t know about the opportunities industrial properties presented; hence she decided to change that.

After years of investing in residential real estate, Lillie met her husband, an industrial real estate agent. She bought her first factory 17 years ago and it still has the original tenant. Lillie then goes on to describe the differences in buying residential and industrial real estate, and offers advice about what to look for in an industrial real estate agent. Lillie concludes the interview with advice to those who are inspired by her investment example to, “Be strong. Be brave. Have a go!”